Putting The Fun In Funerals

Exit the undertaker and enter the event planner as funerals evolve from ritualistic, religious rites to fabulous, fun celebrations. To- day, there are dozens of ways of going out with a bang...literally, with your ashes fired in to the sky with a rocket.

Death is the final frontier, and rather than crossing over in fear, plenty of people want to go with a smile and smiles on the faces of their loved ones. The traditional man in black officiating at a funeral is finding work harder to come by as a new breed of techies take the industry over.The message is we’re no longer scared of death but accept the inevitability of our fate and figure if you’ve got to go, you might as well go in style.

So welcome to BuryorBurn.com, the funeral planning blog a more high spirited, creative and fun-loving memorial celebration. We'll be publishing new tips and funeral suggestions every once in a while so have a look at our latest posts below and be sure to come back for more fun inspiration.

Urning Your Last Resting Place

Urns to hold your ashes after cremation are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. The designs and options are almost endless – from biodegradeable to one-off works of art. Don’t forget you can always make your own container or use something that has sentimental value. As mentioned earlier in the book, ashes are sterile, so no health issues are involved.

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Flat pack funerals in mail order coffins

Green burials are soaring in popularity as more people opt for simplicity and complete the circle of life by returning to the earth.

Green funerals are environmentally friendly because they cut down the resources for a funeral – no irreplaceable hardwood trees have to be felled and transported thousands of miles.

The casket materials are biodegradable, cheap and have low carbon foot-prints. Environmentally friendly coffins are available in all sorts of recyclable materials like cardboard and papier mache. Many cardboard coffins are brightly colored or even futuristic pod- shapes (See below).

Basic cardboard coffins start from £85 plus delivery from many firms on the internet – just search Google for ‘eco funerals’ or green funeral’ for a list. All the coffins pictured to the right are reinforced cardboard that is weight-tested and overprinted with different designs.

Some enterprising firms also provide coffin covers – traditional wooden ‘outers’ that can have a cardboard coffin slipped inside for a religious service.

The coffin is then pulled out for burial or cremation, and the wooden outer cover is re-used again for subsequent funerals.

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How To Build Your Own Coffin

For a truly personal send-off, then you can’t do any better than building your own coffin. Simple caskets are within the abilities of most people who can turn their hand to basic DIY and certainly, if you know or can employ a carpenter, the job’s a doddle.

Plans for building your own coffin are available from the internet – at the eco site Mother Earth News.

Full instructions for construction , including the best woods to use, are on the site. The cost depends on how much you pay for the materials and if you hire a carpen- ter.

Tip – The secret to building a correctly sized coffin is mak- ing the casket four inches wider than the deceased’s shoul- der span and five inches longer than their standing height.

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7 Popular Ways of Scattering Ashes

Everyone’s heard of scattering ashes, but just how do you do complete the task in a dignified way? Finding ash scattering services is not hard – the firms are springing up all over the place and searching Google or the Yellow Pages should return several in your area.

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